Monday, 24 March 2014

Titanfall coming to Wii U and ps4?

Ok this one is pretty out there so I'll not take the credit ;-)

Here my source

Saturday, 22 March 2014

New screenshots: The order 1886

Here are some new screens from The order which is due for release on ps4 this fall. Enjoy.

Friday, 21 March 2014

PS Vr headset Eve Valkyrie demo

Here is a video of Eve Valkyrie using project Morpheus. Enjoy.

New Elder Scrolls online concept art.

Herexz some new concept art for the upcoming mmo The Elder scrolls online. Enjoy.

Xbox one outsells ps4 4 weeks running.

Microsoft's Xbox one console appears to finally be getting some traction in the uk. According to UK trade paper MCV, the console has now outsold Sony's PlayStation 4 device four weeks in a row.

Could the Xbox One be making a comeback? Is Titanfall the reason for this latest upturn in sales? Or do you think the ps4's supply problems are to blame? Let me know in the comments section.

Video: Assassins creed unity for xb1/ps4/pc

Here is the very first video for Ubisoft next gen only Assassins creed Unity, one of two Assassins creed title being prepared for a holidays 2014 release, the other is either called or codenamed comet.
The developers claims it was not ready to show the game quite this early and as such stressed that this footage is pre alpha.

Video: forza 5 with dx12

Yesterday I posted shots of Forza 5 running on direct x 12. Here one better, a video. Enjoy.

Official: No secret sauce power in Xbox One.

The internet can be a crazy place, especially in video games and especially if you happen to be a 'fanboy' of a particular platform.
When both the PlayStation 4 and the XboxOne launched last November, talk on the internet quickly turn to which console had the most power. As it transpired it was the ps4 that edged the contest slightly but, in truth, both machines were pretty close and many would argue that what the xb1 lacked in power it more than made up for with its lineup of great software.
But that was never going to be enough for some. Enter the fanboy.

Unable to except, relax and simply enjoy their Xbox one consoles, some instead took to making up things that just couldn't exist. Pretty quickly, the Xbox one became this kind of Trojan horse thing, with huge stores of secret power hidden away to be revealed by Microsoft in the years to come. For example, many believed the console had an entirely separate GPU hidden under the existing one. Its crazy stuff really, when you think about it, why would Microsoft want to hide that they have the most powerful console. Madness.

Well I can safely inform you all that all this secret power nonsense is just that, nonsense, after Microsoft broke their silence on the matter last night. The following is a quote from Albert Penello, head of product development for Xbox.

"I thought I already said something about that. There is no 2nd GPU, there is no stacked GPU."

There you have it. Straight from the horses mouth so to speak. There is no hidden performance boosting hardware in the Xbox one.

Now software is a different story. Direct x 12 was announced yesterday and Microsoft claim this new api will boost performance by 20-50%.
This, however, is some way off, with dx12 enabled console games not expected before fall 2015.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

UPDATED. Rumour: Dying light delayed, last gen versions cancelled.

UPDATE: Techland are denying the release date has slipped to 2015 but are as yet to comment on ps3/xbox 360 cancellation.

Original story:

THIS IS IN NO WAY CONFIRMED but I'm hearing, from polish sources, that Techlands Dying light game has been delayed into 2015. Even more curious, apparently ps3 and xbox 360 versions have been cancelled. I can only assume if this is true then Techland have elected to concentrate their effort solely on ps4 /xb1.

Dying light is the extremely promising unofficial follow up to Techlands dead island zombie open world game

I'm going to keep digging on this one and will update the article if I hear anything else.

Naughty dog brainstorming VR games.

On twitter Naughty dog creative director Neil Druckmann has admitted he is brainstorming ideas for Sony's VR headset, project Morpheus. His conclusion? A horror game would be the best.

Can you begin to imagine how good a Naughty dog developed VR horror game would be? Think on that as while.

New Watch dogs trailer

Check out this trailer for watch dogs exclusive PlayStation content. Enjoy.

Mario kart 8 peripherals revealed

Nintendo of Japan has just released these images of peripherals due to launch in may with Mario kart 8 for Wii U.

Wheels were a big seller with mario kart on the original Wii so Ninty might be on to a winner again here. Time will tell.

Forza 5 with dx12 screenshots

Following on from my earlier dx12 article, here are the first shots of dx12, here being used to power a reworked version of Forza 5.