Friday, 15 November 2013

New MGS: Ground zeroes details

New details have emerged regarding Hideo Kojima's next metal gear installment.

Keep your save games from Ground zeroes because they will carry over to Phantom pain. There will also be some kind of content reward for those that do.

The Playstation exclusive mission Deja vu will be part of the main package and not DLC.

Konami has made the decision to split ground zeroes and phantom pain because the latter is tasking so long and they want the fans to have a chance to play it as soon as possible.

The popular base building elements of peace walker won't feature in ground zeroes but will return in the Phantom pain.

How Microsoft can bounce back.

Right now Microsoft are undeniably in a bad place with Xbox One. I won't go into the reasons, the why's the what for's, because they're pretty well documented by now I think we'd all agree.

Now some tabloids would have us believe that Microsoft will simply look to sell off the Xbox division and return to solely to their roots in software development. But I don't buy that.
Microsoft are hurting at the moment. That much is clear. But this is one of the worlds top trading conglomerates we're talking about. No; make no mistake, there will be a well planned fightback.

With that all out of the way, the question that remains is - where exactly does Microsoft go from here?

Well, luckily for Microsoft, there is another company out there who has suffered a similar fate, faced all the same PR troubles, had the same negative press. But, most importantly, they came back. Yes, it took them seven or so years, but they managed to shrug it all off and return to the top. That company, of course, is Sony.

When Sony launched the PS3 they were in trouble from day one. They were late to market with a product that was challenging to develop for and lacking a design philosophy as forward thinking as their rivals.
Now I can debate the wrongs and rights of Sony's policies at that time till the cows come home, but why bother? The fact is they ended this generation in first place. Fact. They sold more consoles than their competitors in the end.

So can the key for an Xbox one comeback be found in Sony's ps3 revival?
As things stand now, I see a lot of Sony in the past in the Microsoft of the present. They are a company on the ropes. Their inferior xb1 specs have them flailing the arms in pointless defence of basic graphical shortcomings when their attention should be in other areas. Microsoft, as far as who has the most powerful product, well let's say that horse has already bolted. Move on. This really shouldn't be the focus right now and the situation takes me back to Sony defending the ps3 with talk of spu's and what not. "But the cloud!" Is the new Xbox motto, but such things are smoke and mirrors and most people see through that.

Microsoft need to move on - and fast.

1. EXCLUSIVES. They're already on the right track here. Games like The last of us and uncharted were vital to Sony's ps3 revival and the likes of Titanfall and Dead rising 3 are a good start on the same path. Dead rising 3 is a good example because it's a title that seems underwhelming in the resolution and fps areas yet looks still to be a really great game. If its 720p and 20fps who cares as long as its fun and you're playing it on the only platform you can?

2. TV AND MEDIA. This is important to Microsoft but of less importance to the average gamer. I'm not saying they should scrap their plans to make their own TV content, but scale it back some and move some of the budget back to where its really needed - the games. Alternatively, use it to offset some of the manufacturing cost and get that price down.

3. BE MORE APPROACHABLE. Sony have worked miracles in the image dept by adopting a gamer first persona with gamers feeling comfortable chatting to executives like best friends on social media.

4. APOLOGISE. Microsoft messed up in a big way with the whole DRM scandal, but worse still, they upset their customers. Even worse in my opinion, they still carry on like the public didn't know its it own mind and they still act like their DRM scheme was anything but a shameless attempt to carve themselves a bigger slice of the cash pie.
They need to put this to bed once and for all and the only way to do that is to apologise. That and promise never to put their own needs ahead of the consumer ever again.

Can Microsoft do a sony and turn the next gen race around? Let me know In the comments I'd love to hear your opinions.

Lego Marvel game will arrive on xbox one launch day

Nobody knows why but Warner Bros recently pulled Lego Marvel super heroes from the launch roster for Xbox one. Bizarrely, no other versions, including ps4, were affected, just the new Microsoft platform.

Now, in another odd twist, Warner have reinstated the much anticipated title back to is original November 22nd release date.
I can't fathom the trouble Warner Bros had with the game but they appear to have corrected whatever that might have been.

If you're getting an Xbox one and you're a Marvel/Lego fan, then enjoy your game.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ps4 all access predictions

Who's more excited about tonights all access launch show? Nobody.
Here's how I'd like Yoshida and co to lay it down.

Hideo Kojima announces exclusive PlayStation content for ground zeroes. Damn it - and phantom pain too. Greedy is how I roll.

Naughty dog are in New York. Officially, they're at the party to show off dlc for the the last of us. But if that's all they are there for then feel free to hurl rotten eggs at them. I want a ps4 reveal or stop wasting our time.

A new release date for Drive club (sorry #DriveClub - whatever).


The fabled VR headset revealed. Let us have some details Sony. Headsets like the Oculus rift are the future and I want to see PlayStation jumping into the project both feet first.
Some kind of demo with Jack Tretton fumbling round the stage like a kid at a piñata party would be welcome and amusing.

A game from out of nowhere. Shock me Sony, show me something I didn't know anything about, and let it have zombies. I like zombies.

Lastly; a personal request. I really want to buy a pulse headset. Please say support for it is in the launch update. Please?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rumour: New Ps Vita model coming soon.

Just a rumour at this stage; but whispers suggest Sony are planning to introduce at redesigned PS vita model at the Tokyo game show.

The redesign is said to incorporate a new larger 6.3 inch oled screen, made by Samsung, and looks set to feature a ram increase too. Currently, all Vita units come with 513 mb of ram but the new design would ship with 1gb. Games are said to remain locked to 512 though so any ram increase would only be there to allow the os to run more apps in the background. Better ps4 integration maybe?

Friday, 16 August 2013

What I want from Playstation at Gamescom

August 20th Sony get their last chance to impress European gamers into buying Ps4. I'm already getting one buts there's still things I'd like from Sony in cologne.

Cloud gaming. Sony have already confirmed that the PlayStation back catalogue will be accessible via the cloud in north america next year. What I 'd like from Sony now is details on the European rollout. Even if it's some way off.

A new build of Drive club. The game already looks good but the e3 footage shown was a very early version and really suffers beside forza in the looks dept. I'd like to see a shift toward 60fps there too.

The order 1886. Show us some gameplay. Ready at dawn have really peaked my interest with this new IP and I must say I have my fingers crossed for a gears of war beater.

I want to know what Naughty dog are up to. My instincts tell me we won't hear from them until VGA's in Nov though. Hope I'm wrong. Uncharted 4 would be a dream come true.

Killzone shadow fall multiplayer. Show me something that's new, fresh and 60fps. If this is the year that Killzone beats cod and battlefield then sdhowe me why.

Littlebigplanet 3. My kids are mental for those games so I want this to be fantastic for them. A move into 3d levels perhaps?

More free PS+ games on ps4. I know it's greedy but what can I say? Sony you've spoilt me.

Remote play demoed onstage. Vita is the perfect ps4 companion. Show me.

Did I miss anything? Let me know. 

New pes 2014 tutorial

Here's the latest tutorial video for konami's upcoming fox engine footy sim pes 2014.

Thief gets boxart and release date

Just heard Their will be out on all major formats (that's not you Wii u) on Feb 25th in north america and on 28th Feb in Europe.

Next gens starting to get real now. Can't wait.

Deus ex: The fall coming to Android.

Just a quick heads up to those waiting for the iOS game Deus ex the fall to arrive on android.
Square enix have confirmed the game is coming to Android and will arrive sometime in September. No word yet on price.

Deus ex the fall is a standalone action RPG that is designed for mobile platforms.

Dying light gameplay - have some of that Capcom/Microsoft

Barring a miracle, I'm not in a position to get both next gen consoles, this year at least. But I'm with that. Really. Well - almost fine.
I'm getting a Ps4, and there was never any doubt, but so far only one thing has giving me cause to pause. Dead rising 3.

I bloody adore open world games. But there is one thing that tops them and that's open world games with zombies. When Microsoft showed DR3 running at E3, I can't lie, I was already reaching for my laptop to preorder for ps4. Imagine my horror when I learned the game was exclusive to the Xb1. Stake through the fucking heart.

Since, there's been lots of sulking sorrow (with the odd shameful outburst at Capcom on the twitter), and lots of darts thrown at pictures of major nelson on my wall. But things took a turn for the better today and it's all thanks to developers Techland who today showed off 12 breathtaking minutes of their latest game - Dying light.

For those of you familiar with the game Dead island, I can tell you that Dying light is true spiritual successor to that. In this game you play a character who is skilled at pakour and this really looks to elevate the dynamics of the game above their previous work. Slow, shuffling zombies look simple to evade, even when surrounded, freedom appears to only be a short hop away. But there is a twist. Zombies only stay weighted during the day. Fail to complete your objective during daylight and see the game turn on its head. Suddenly the hunter becomes the prey as zombies begin to chase you like Usain Bolt in a slipknot video. Don't think you can just leap onto a roof and escape either - zombies free run too. The impression I got was a kind of dead rising type experience during the day turning into something more akin to ZombiU in the night time sections.

The game looks gorgeous on next gen hardware but is coming to existing consoles too.


Dead rising you're dead to me now.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grand theft auto online

Grand theft auto - the mmo.
I could stop right there really couldn't I? But where's the fun in that?

All year long I've looked forward to two things. First - ps4. Second - GTA V. Yeah well, after that trailer, you can go right ahead and swap those suckers round. It's now All about the gta. In fact don't even be surprised if I'm still cruising Los Santos the day Sony release their new  console. Yeah sure Watch dogs and me might spend a couple of hours together that day. But then it's back to GTA.

Car insurance. Gta online has Fucking car insurance for Christ's sake. You buy a car in GTA O and you lose that car, or it gets jacked, it's gone. Go buy another. That is unless you have car insurance. In which case, you're fine, you get another one. Now that shit is deep - and handy too. Personally, I can't see myself forking out hard earned (robbed) in game cash for insurance on an old banger, but it makes sense for expensive, or customised rides to be protected from the virtual chavs of Los Santos.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for a game that allows you to do pretty much everything your way. Investing in stocks, buying clothing, tattoos etc. Flying planes, motocross, cycling, golf, tennis, hiking, hunting, bank heists, deathmatch, racing, base jumping and loads more besides.

It's a little disappointing to hear the online doesn't arrive with the main game at launch but I understand why Rockstar have held back. A living, breathing, online GTA is a huge undertaking for the Scottish devs. But not just for them. Players too will need to be introduced to the world slowly to better get to grips with all the features. To this end, I think the devs see the sp game as an essential starting point to the experience, a tutorial to the greater online world. I guess releasing online after the single player they guarantee player start there first?

Anyway really excited now for the game. Sept 17th has never felt so far away.