Monday, 6 July 2015

Spotify on PS4: Don't just dismiss it like I did.

Spotify has been available on PS4 for quite a while now. But, if you're anything like me, you may have dismissed it like I did.
Music streaming services don't exactly excite me as a gamer. I've tried a few too. Google, music unlimited and blinkbox music spring to mind. I have nothing against them as such - they're just not very exciting. They do what they what they were intended to do. Some better than others but that's besides the point.

I'm seeing things differently now though. Last Saturday I was on the couch trying to watch the tennis in peace with a good stack of cold drinks and the patio doors open wide to the garden. It was Bloody hot wasn't it? Anyway to cut a long story short; I couldn't hear the tennis all that way because the teenager next door had her music blaring out to the whole neighbourhood all afternoon. Eminem fan it seems. I think I heard his entire repertoire at least twice that afternoon.
So anyhow; it wasnt until about the 7th Eminem track that I heard a Spotify advert and I twigged she was streaming the music. From the advert I guessed she was using the free version, because of the ad, which seemed to work exactly the same way as blinkbox etc.
Like I said earlier; Im not that into music streaming but I did remember that there was a Spotify app for ps4. I didn't exactly go sprinting for my console to download it but I did so that evening before having some time with Batman Arkham knight.

So the app finished downloading and I gave it a bash. I wasn't expecting much but I was blown away. It really turned out to be quite fantastic in fact.
I was basically expecting a music app that plays tracks while you're gaming. End of. But its more than that. What it actually does is replace any in game music by telling the game you're playing to play your chosen Spotify track playlists instead of its own music files. It doesn't sound a lot but it makes a hell of a difference in most games of tried. Take the Witcher 3 for example. It comes with a great default score. Some really nice tunes. But truth told, when you're 100 + hrs in, that get respective.
Step forward Spotify. The app replaces the music with whatever you want to hear. And the best bit is that because the game treats it as in game music no other sound effects are dulled or muted at all. (The volume of music can be adjusted in app on the fly too).

Another great feature is if you use a mobile or tablet, you don't even have to navigate the ps4" Spotify app at all. Connection from Spotify on tablet to ps4 is just one button press away. It's great being able to just add new tracks to play without even needing to pause your game. And its all really solidly coded too. It just works.

Best feature I've saved to last though. Can't think of anything to listen to during play. Search Spotify for the game your playing and try a user created playlist put together for just that game. I tried a Witcher 3 one the other night and I was soon slaying hordes of Necrophages whilst headbanging to this truly fantastically apt Nordic heavy metal rock. Genius.

I could go on about how good this app is all night but I just wrap it up by reminding you that it's free. The quality is restricted supposedly on the free version and you get the occasional advert too. But to be honest I haven't been annoyed by the odd advert and I can't tell any difference in sound quality either so I'll stick to the fee version. The option for higher quality and no adverts is provided though but it comes at the price of a steep £10 a month. I'd recommend trying the free version first though.

Get on your PS4 and try it now. I doubt you'll regret it and you have nothing to lose. I really feel it brings yet another next generation experience to the Sony machine that might even equal the impact of the share button. It's that good.

What are you waiting for?