Thursday, 26 June 2014

The horrid gaming drought and my DA3 problem.

Thank what ever god you worship for the world cup because gaming is DRAB at the moment. You know when you're in the middle of a summer gaming drought when you;

A) Find yourself clearing your games 'backlog' I.e the shite you've been avoiding all year while you hoovered up every single AAA release of the winter/spring

B) Decide to catch up with some of those dramas on the ole Sky +

C) Become obsessed with wishing injury on Federer/Nasal/Djokovic
(Come on Andy!)

D) you start looking at indie games and think they look great.

E) you're waiting by the letter box for your postie to bring you Sniper elite 3. Sniper bloody elite 3 for Christ sake. The last one wasn't that bad was it?

After Sniper 3 there is literally nothing until Diablo 3 on August 19th. And no, I won't be buying The last of us for Ps4. I've already paid £40 for the PS3 version and if Sony won't recognise that with a substantial discount they can go and take a jump on that one.

Still, the end of 2014 is shaping up great for gamers. September is going to be all about Destiny for me, then October is Alien isolation and Dragon age inquisition.

But Dragon age gives me a first world problem. With Ps4 likely to boast the better performance but Microsoft getting DLC first, I just don't have a clue what version to get.

If you want to join in the bemoaning of games drought 2014, tell me I'm an entitled prick for owning both consoles or just want to chat about gaming then leave a comment or contact me directly via @lazyboyblue on Twitter.