Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ps4 all access predictions

Who's more excited about tonights all access launch show? Nobody.
Here's how I'd like Yoshida and co to lay it down.

Hideo Kojima announces exclusive PlayStation content for ground zeroes. Damn it - and phantom pain too. Greedy is how I roll.

Naughty dog are in New York. Officially, they're at the party to show off dlc for the the last of us. But if that's all they are there for then feel free to hurl rotten eggs at them. I want a ps4 reveal or stop wasting our time.

A new release date for Drive club (sorry #DriveClub - whatever).


The fabled VR headset revealed. Let us have some details Sony. Headsets like the Oculus rift are the future and I want to see PlayStation jumping into the project both feet first.
Some kind of demo with Jack Tretton fumbling round the stage like a kid at a piñata party would be welcome and amusing.

A game from out of nowhere. Shock me Sony, show me something I didn't know anything about, and let it have zombies. I like zombies.

Lastly; a personal request. I really want to buy a pulse headset. Please say support for it is in the launch update. Please?