Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I am THE gwent master!

No seriously I am because I have the trophy to prove it.

Why this trophy is just a bronze I have no idea because it isn't all that easy. Worthy of a silver at least in my opinion.

Ok, so to get this trophy I needed to win a Gwent tournament held at the passiflora in Novigrad, during the sidequest mission 'High stakes'.
The tournament consisted of 4 rounds featuring increasingly more advanced opponents in each round. Oh and 1 punch up. Elves are poor losers it seems.

I have to say that I really love the Gwent mini game in Witcher 3, so going for this particular trophy, though difficult, wasn't at all a chore. In fact, I thought sticking a Gwent tournament into the game as a mission was a great idea and I genuinely wish they'd been more than just the one. A separate tournament for each territory, Velen-Novigrad-Skellige, would have been great. Oh well, perhaps they'll drop a few more tournaments into this winters dlc expansions. I'm hoping for loads more new cards too.

I included a gameplay video covering the Gwent tournament for you guys to check out, so I hope you enjoy that. If you do, please consider giving my blog a sub or my YouTube account. I'm only doing this for fun but every bit of of support I get is really appreciated.