Friday, 16 August 2013

Dying light gameplay - have some of that Capcom/Microsoft

Barring a miracle, I'm not in a position to get both next gen consoles, this year at least. But I'm with that. Really. Well - almost fine.
I'm getting a Ps4, and there was never any doubt, but so far only one thing has giving me cause to pause. Dead rising 3.

I bloody adore open world games. But there is one thing that tops them and that's open world games with zombies. When Microsoft showed DR3 running at E3, I can't lie, I was already reaching for my laptop to preorder for ps4. Imagine my horror when I learned the game was exclusive to the Xb1. Stake through the fucking heart.

Since, there's been lots of sulking sorrow (with the odd shameful outburst at Capcom on the twitter), and lots of darts thrown at pictures of major nelson on my wall. But things took a turn for the better today and it's all thanks to developers Techland who today showed off 12 breathtaking minutes of their latest game - Dying light.

For those of you familiar with the game Dead island, I can tell you that Dying light is true spiritual successor to that. In this game you play a character who is skilled at pakour and this really looks to elevate the dynamics of the game above their previous work. Slow, shuffling zombies look simple to evade, even when surrounded, freedom appears to only be a short hop away. But there is a twist. Zombies only stay weighted during the day. Fail to complete your objective during daylight and see the game turn on its head. Suddenly the hunter becomes the prey as zombies begin to chase you like Usain Bolt in a slipknot video. Don't think you can just leap onto a roof and escape either - zombies free run too. The impression I got was a kind of dead rising type experience during the day turning into something more akin to ZombiU in the night time sections.

The game looks gorgeous on next gen hardware but is coming to existing consoles too.


Dead rising you're dead to me now.