Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grand theft auto online

Grand theft auto - the mmo.
I could stop right there really couldn't I? But where's the fun in that?

All year long I've looked forward to two things. First - ps4. Second - GTA V. Yeah well, after that trailer, you can go right ahead and swap those suckers round. It's now All about the gta. In fact don't even be surprised if I'm still cruising Los Santos the day Sony release their new  console. Yeah sure Watch dogs and me might spend a couple of hours together that day. But then it's back to GTA.

Car insurance. Gta online has Fucking car insurance for Christ's sake. You buy a car in GTA O and you lose that car, or it gets jacked, it's gone. Go buy another. That is unless you have car insurance. In which case, you're fine, you get another one. Now that shit is deep - and handy too. Personally, I can't see myself forking out hard earned (robbed) in game cash for insurance on an old banger, but it makes sense for expensive, or customised rides to be protected from the virtual chavs of Los Santos.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for a game that allows you to do pretty much everything your way. Investing in stocks, buying clothing, tattoos etc. Flying planes, motocross, cycling, golf, tennis, hiking, hunting, bank heists, deathmatch, racing, base jumping and loads more besides.

It's a little disappointing to hear the online doesn't arrive with the main game at launch but I understand why Rockstar have held back. A living, breathing, online GTA is a huge undertaking for the Scottish devs. But not just for them. Players too will need to be introduced to the world slowly to better get to grips with all the features. To this end, I think the devs see the sp game as an essential starting point to the experience, a tutorial to the greater online world. I guess releasing online after the single player they guarantee player start there first?

Anyway really excited now for the game. Sept 17th has never felt so far away.